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…p.s. I’m just going to look at my cash flow… and my relationship to money...

At this workshop, the focus was on how to use a cash flow and understand what it was for. It created a Eureka moment. Surprisingly, for those of us in... more

24 Aug 2015

Is your relationship with money getting in the way of you making a living?

In recent years, psychological research has clearly demonstrated that there’s more to how we manage our money than just financial capability. Fi... more

17 Jul 2015

Life’s a Lottery – but what happens when you win?

Would you believe it’s almost 21 years since the first Lottery draw in November 1994. Over that time, the lottery has created more than 3,700 mi... more

17 Jul 2015

Your story is the energetic blueprint to your business

So here’s the thing. Everybody is talking about marketing and the new kid in town is this thing called Story. It is becoming the buzz word on th... more

14 Jul 2015

Is the budget on your menu - there's a lot to digest!

Is the Budget on your Menu - there’s a lot to digest! The Budget has been rolled out. What does that mean for businesses? Take a breath, some... more

14 Jul 2015