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Conflict Management … or What do you do when Change is nigh?

Bringing change to your workplace or your business can create conflict. Why? Because people are creatures of habit and, as a result, tend to resist ch... more

19 Oct 2015

It’s time for tea! - The Critical Path Analysis and how it works

An important part of your planning will be the critical path analysis. This is an effective tool to understand the key components, which  if dela... more

19 Oct 2015

Change Management and all that it implies!

People like to be involved in the process of change. Our work environments have become too sophisticated to consider doing otherwise. So, how do you g... more

15 Oct 2015

Enjoy your Christmas, don’t invite your accounts in for the turkey lunch

I often hear people say that they have their tax return to do over the Christmas break.   It’s always there at the back of your mind &... more

19 Sep 2015

If you want a resilient Business, take a Quantum Business Break

There is little doubt that running a business is increasingly challenging. Methods and approaches that used to work no longer have traction. The old c... more

18 Sep 2015