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Every Idea Counts

You can’t take you out of your business. The two are inextricably linked. Straddling the personal and the impersonal in your business is an ongo... more

14 Dec 2015

Breaking out of thought prison

The first QBB started off as it means to go on, by throwing some interesting spanners into the conventional business works. Taking as her headline, &l... more

11 Dec 2015

Quantum Business Breaks – New Thinking for Business for 2016

As we approach January 2016, a small but important reminder - please submit your tax return well in advance of 31 January 2016. Any questions or ... more

10 Dec 2015

Conflict Management … or What do you do when Change is nigh?

Bringing change to your workplace or your business can create conflict. Why? Because people are creatures of habit and, as a result, tend to resist ch... more

19 Oct 2015

It’s time for tea! - The Critical Path Analysis and how it works

An important part of your planning will be the critical path analysis. This is an effective tool to understand the key components, which  if dela... more

19 Oct 2015