Because business IS personal

Develop your potential as a business owner

For a business to be truly successful in the emerging 21st century climate, it’s not enough to focus on improving your bottom line -  instead it may be time for business owners to take a wider, more holistic view of their business and recognise that a presenting business problem often has at its root an underlying personal issue.

How we work

We work on the principle that you as a person are central to the success and wellbeing of your business. With over 20 years of business experience of working with various sized businesses and entrepreneurs we’ve noticed a trend…. The way you feel in your personal life will impact on how you run your businesses, how you manage your staff and how you grow your sales.

Developing you and your business together…

We offer a unique and proven range of consultancy services designed to help you and your business develop in tandem for greater success, leading to:

  • Raising your business potential, financially or otherwise
  • Happier relationships at work
  • Control over financial management
  • Work-life balance
  • Increased sales
  • More energy at work and at leisure

What Neale Horizons offers…

Business Health Check

Neale Horizons helps you assess the health of your business by utilising a blend of traditional business review tools and cutting edge approaches drawn from the fields of psychology, mindfulness studies and neuroscience. Our unique approach helps you target and improve areas such as stress management, absenteeism, time and project management and team working. 


Neale Horizons offers business workshops in two formats: evening seminars and day workshops. Our evening seminars introduce you to the Neale Horizons ‘whole-brained’ approach and offer the chance to try some of our ideas out; and our day workshops give the opportunity to take your learning further, by offering more in-depth training and experience.

Workshop Bookings

To see a full list of our Neale Horizons workshops and to book your place click on the link below